Welcome to Entertainment COMmunication CONnection official website.  EComCon is an organization dedicated to your favorite artists and/or groups.  We would also like to introduce you to new artists, groups, and different genres of music.

That's not to say, we know everything... But if you would like to give us a helping hand with your own favorite groups, artists, albums, or songs we won't turn your help down.

It's been said by a lot of different generations through the years, from generation to generation, for example that: "Those wild kids doing the Charleston, it will NEVER last more then a year", "I've NEVER seen people go so crazy over this thing called, Big Bands, and the Jitterbug", "Have you seen that guy they call Elvis on stage, singing something they call Rock n' Roll, that will NEVER last". What about this one, "Did you hear about what's going on in Woodstock, New York? Oh, That type of music will  NEVER last"

So you see that music does stand for something. It keeps the world turning, and people alive, inside. NO MATTER what city, town, or country you come from.

Lets explore, the world of music, no matter where in the world you live...
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