The Conference Table
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The Conference Table

A Question on the Table

by Jeff Hertel on 01/19/15

So, the question on the conference table is, "where have all the older artists and, groups gone?"

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in my office, doing the old paperwork thing, and listening to The Alan Parsons Project (I, Robot). When this question popped into my head, "Where in the world have all the older artists, and groups gone?"

Heaven knows, it would be nice if The Alan Parsons Project had made a few more albums before falling off the face of the earth.

Oh, I completely understand that is is a real *itch, sometimes putting an album together. And now days, you have to do the old meet and greet with John & Jill Q for a album concert.

You know, there is probably millions of reasons, why the artist or group is not to be found, but is shure would be nice to STILL have your favorite stars around.

Love to hear from you on the subject...

The 57th, 2015 GRAMMY Nominations

by Jeff Hertel on 12/30/14

Click here for the full list of nominations.

Many thankx to the Grammys and there website.

The 57th Grammys will air on Sunday, February 8th 8/7c 0n CBS.


by Jeff Hertel on 12/29/14

Now appearring on the "Starz Network" Starz_Logo, the incredible story of a group of men called, The Funk Brothers".

The Funk Brothers were the studio musicians that started with the founding of Motown Records.

Please let me note, some of the interviews are excellent and give you a base of knowledge on the times and, how a great record was made.

If you decide to buy the CD, here is what you should be looking for:

Stand in the Shadow

The Title is: "Standing in the Shadow of Motown".

Let us know what you thing?

Compare New & Old Posters

by Jeff Hertel on 12/29/14

New Poster:

New Logo Poster

Old Poster:

 Old Poster

We would like to hear from you with any tips you may have on the new poster...

Many Thankx

Yes Toto, we're STILL in Kansas...

by Jeff Hertel on 12/29/14

Yes, it's true I have been a very bad boy in not reporting what has been going on around here.

First, we have moved into another part of the state of Wisconsin. Now we are more north by central in the state.

Second, we have been working on a new company poster. I will display both of them for you latter.

Third, Still archiving our music onto a new and, improved server.

I do however have a observation, have any of you listen to the new album by One Direction, Four? For me, I didn't think good harmonizing was posable in todays world. I give One Direction on the album Four a thumbs UP!

Please send or blog in your comments...

Oh, Happy New Year (2015)


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