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A Question on the Table

by Jeff Hertel on 01/19/15

So, the question on the conference table is, "where have all the older artists and, groups gone?"

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in my office, doing the old paperwork thing, and listening to The Alan Parsons Project (I, Robot). When this question popped into my head, "Where in the world have all the older artists, and groups gone?"

Heaven knows, it would be nice if The Alan Parsons Project had made a few more albums before falling off the face of the earth.

Oh, I completely understand that is is a real *itch, sometimes putting an album together. And now days, you have to do the old meet and greet with John & Jill Q for a album concert.

You know, there is probably millions of reasons, why the artist or group is not to be found, but is shure would be nice to STILL have your favorite stars around.

Love to hear from you on the subject...

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